32 things about a great girl

1. She does about 1,913 kind of sports (including golf, yoga, badminton, ski-ing, rafting, diving, rappelling, jumping off cliffs and etc.)

2. She has been to 393 countries

3. She is domestically challenged

4. She suffers from middle child syndrome (MCS)

5. She drinks about 2 coffees, 5 tea’s and 7 coke-light’s on an average day

6. When she is challenged, she gets a MCS attack and gets another coffee

7. When she is asked the meaning of an english word or abbreviation, she rolls her eyes before explaining it to you condescendingly

8. When she is asked the answer of a maths sum (usually from me), she rolls her eyes before telling it to you condescendingly

9. She is belligerent and unapologetic about it (do NOT ask her how to spell ‘belligerent’)

10. She loves meatballs from Lucky Plaza

11. She always says “I love you” to her mum before putting down the phone. Even if mum called 15 times in the past hour

12. She wears a scuba mask to swim in her lap pool

13. She wears lilac color flip flops with little ribbons for hiking

14. She has a fake big toe nail

15. She loves & spoils her dog to bits  (we hate her dog & Tommy wants to chop it up to bits)

16. She killed her school rabbit

17. She is in her office’s gardening club

18. She is in her office’s gardening club because they did not know that she killed her school rabbit

19. She hated the gardening club

20. She is totally one of the brightest but diligently learns all the Singlish words by heart cos she would rather die than be called a nerd

21. Her famous last words to everyone in the company: “You’re missing the point!”

22. She packs one hour before the flight departure time and strolls into the boarding gate 3 seconds before it closes

23. She is scared of no one and nothing. Except long queues and photo-taking. Oh and being called a nerd

24. She loves to sit in front of the speedboat and will gladly pretend to be Kate Winslet in Titanic when you ask her to. (but no you can’t take a photo)

25. She doesn’t smile. She smirks and sometimes pretend it’s a smile.

26. She has 28 pairs of shoes but wears only 2 of them

27. She is I.T savvy.¬† She is on Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Skype, MSN, Blogspot and any social networking / messager program you have heard about and beyond. In fact she’s already a member of the social networking program which will be launched in 2013.

28. She loves junk food

29. She has 23,569 freckles

30. She takes the taxi 3 times a year but always manages to gets the whackiest cabbies (like one who gave her a lecture on his life story on the way to the airport)

31. She once invited her friends to her place for a dumpling party. Only to panic a day before the party because she realised she can’t make dumplings

32. She rocks and we love her

Happy Birthday A-gal!

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