Mythical Creatures

I so love unicorns, phoenixes and all mythical creatures. They ferry you into fantasy land, give you that something unrealistic to think about, and is just pure fun. That’s why I couldn’t resist buying this yard of beautiful fabric even though I thought it was costly (by my meager standards). I made it into a weekend bag and the rest is history.

It has 1 front pocket and 3 smaller ones inside..

hand quilting around the unicorns..

and a lovely snow flake zipper pull.

Busy Bee & Birdie

I know I haven’t been the most diligent in updating this blog, and I thank you for even coming back here to see what’s happening. You see, I’ve been busy baking something really, really special. Something D-man and I have both looked forward to for ages.

I’ll give you a clue. I made these in preparation.

We are naturally very, very excited and am grateful to all the hand-me-downs received so far. Some of these stuff are so cute I want to keep them for myself.

Thank you, mucho Gracias, Vielen Dank!

Lunch at Tommy’s

A-gal has this uncanny ability to make it look like she prepared this whole table of yummy, Sichuan dishes, while looking perfectly composed and nicely groomed like the ever fabulous party host.

Actually I don’t believe Tommy could have concocted all these by himself either, if I had not been the witnessing, suffocating victim of spicy, tear-inducing cooking fumes.

Well-done Tommy. We’re looking forward to your new restaurant soon! :)

Birthday Gals

I love birthdays. It’s always a happy occasions and its a great excuse to eat obscenely copious amounts of junk food.

The only exception is my own birthday. Like some incurable disease I dread it every year and wish it’ll never come. I’m sure i’m not the only one though, someone actually made up a name for it. Here’s a funny example of Fragapane Phobia.

But these gals I’ll gladly celebrate birthday for…

and especially so for this little peanut..

I just can’t bring myself to believe she has turned 11. That’s 77 doggie years. That’s ancient. Who would believe she’s 77?

Not me for sure.