Oldie but Goodie

You know, they say it never rains but storms… for a blardy good reason.

Life has been crazy these weeks, with company auditors whipping my arse and boxes waiting hungrily at home to be packed. Packing to move I can understand since it’s inevitable but which masochistic person invented this company auditing system anyway?

Back to packing. Oh gosh, where do I start. And I’m not even a hoarder in the first place.  It is a horrible, painful and back-breakingly tiring task. Except that I found some of these pretty crockery which once belonged to Grandma.
……… ok so I AM a hoarder. Happy?

But how can you throw away something as pretty as this?

or this?

or something as airy fairy as her?

I thought these were so cool too, in a kitschy but decent way.

I like old hand me downs because I like to imagine the stories behind them. Who used these before? Did granny throw parties then with these? What had she served in them? Who ate them? When? Where?

Seriously, who needs fine china and exquisite porcelein if you have these oldies that tells you stories as you eat. :)

Labour Day

was labourous indeed. We went to the farm and bathed many many dogs. Have to say though the aching back and sunburnt backs were totally worthed it when we saw the grateful looks on the little furry ones.

Took this little girl call Emma out for a walk. She was timid and extremely shy and the slightest stuff scared her. Being caged up all your life with no contact to other human and surroundings does that to you.

This sweet peanut is up for adoption, and so are the many others at the shelter. In fact there are more dogs for adoption out there than you can imagine. Would you give them a chance?