Little India Big Impressions

What do you do when you can’t sleep and have too much time to kill at midnight?

D-man and I would go for a little ride and almost always end up at Little India, for the fantastic food and nocturnal vibrancy that’s like no other.

We saw the florists decorating this awesome wedding car and D-man tried to bribe them into letting us have a go at this sweet ride.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) those Indian florist will not budge, and blatantly asked us to bugger off.

Well at least we tried…

Where in the world can you find fresh veggies sold on the streets at 12 midnight. Supermarkets are over-rated!

D-man’s idea of midnight comfort food.

Paired with steaming hot masala tea of course.

Now here is one interesting eatery we discovered while wondering down the dark lanes of Little India at night (not recommended if you’re alone!). Lagnaa is a contemporary Indian bistro that takes a creative twist to traditional Indian cuisine.  This board here documents how many people have taken the chilli level challenge. You basically write your name on a peg and clip it to the level you have obtained. I am at level 1 (only because there is no level 0), which is “Anyone can” , and so far no one has attempted level 10, which is “We bestow you King!”.

I’m not even going to talk about Mustafa centre. Even the shops-can-never-make-money-out-of-me D-man can go on for hours and hours in that Aladdin cave of a mall.

Next time you’re insomniac, call us. :)

Chantal Ughi

Every once in a while you find an inspiring story that propels you to work harder for your dreams. This had been mine for the moment.

Not that I want to be a professional Muay Thai fighter now, but I am reminded that passions and dreams must be chased to be fulfilled. And that is perhaps where we can then ultimately find happiness.

Field Trip

Our favourite place to visit during weekends. Its been quite a few years and we’ve not gotten sick of East Coast Park yet. Lovely sunshine, calming sea, and a great place to have a leisurely brunch with no agenda.

It is true that some of life’s simplest pleasures comes free!

The monkeys love it too. Am sure you can tell.

My first taggie blankie

One of the happiest news one can receive from a friend is that they are expecting a new life. Imagine my joy when I know my dear K-gal is baking a wee beanie! I decided to make a taggie blanket* for her even if I’ve never really sewn properly in my life. I have to say the expression on her was worth the hours of back bending, eye squinting, finger poking labour.

*The brightly coloured tags, or ribbons, around the blanket are suppose to provide tactile stimulation to the babies as they develop their sensors.
I would be writing a step by step instruction on how to make this blankie so watch this space!

I need Help

And please hurry while you’re at it!

Recently I developed a penchant for deep fried foods. Any sort of deep fried golden crispy greatness.  I dip everything I can lay my paws on in a batter and dump them in a cauldron of bubbling canola oil. The sticky glutinous sweet cakes (Nian Gao) and bananas above were the victims of my food forage yesterday.

Coincidently fried Nian Gao is also a childhood comfort food for me. Mum used to sandwich the Nian Gao with sweet potatoes before frying the sweet gooey stuff. She would put the just fried sweet cakes on a kitchen towel to drain off the excess oil before transferring them onto a platter. But somehow only a small percentage of the fried cakes made it to the platter. Most of them had gotten straight into my mouth and then into my quickly expanding mid-section. And I always wonder why I was such a chubby kid!

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Enough is enough

D-man and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary last week. Well, sort of….if that’s a celebration by anyone’s means. There were no fancy schmancy restaurants, no flower power, and nope, no candle dandle either. Fortunately, there were no short of sparks either. We scooted around under the stars, had pizzas and chocolate cake at a friend’s pizzeria, and had talked over a cuppa till late. Might not be anybody’s idea of a romance novel but to us, it sure was enough.

Looking back, in the 5 years of marriage, that was probably one of the attributes that bonded us so closely all this while. Being contented with having just enough.

We are not wealthy by any means, in fact, we just get by. We don’t do lavish, for “budget” is our best buddy. Home is a modest matchbox apartment and no yuppified hobbies either. We get our kicks (sorry couldn’t resist!) by just kicking bags at the same old gym with the same old good fellows.

If you ask me, that’s not boring either. Perhaps D-man and I both have a high threshold for doing the same stuff over and over again, but one thing’s for sure, we love doing what we love doing. Perhaps that’s how we are happy, for contentment is being unafraid to keep doing what you like to do.

Sometimes, having just enough is really enough.


2010 has not been my technology year so far. First I lost some data on this site, then my computer decided to pass out on me the night I brought tonnes of work home to do. Updates on Peonies will be slow & through my trusty (I hope!) mobile so please bear with us poor souls.

Meanwhile keep rocking!

With much love,


Our pal Andy stopped over Singapore last week and we had a good time catching up. He moaned that he dreaded going back to the frigging cold in Switzerland and wished he could bring the weather here over.

Be careful what you wish for Andy, for the Ms Sunshine here has a BFF, Ms 100% Humidity, whom she brings along wherever she goes. Everything here rots and gets mouldy almost instantly. And I mean Everything! Just the other day I found a grey belt (which I thought was the strangest thing) during spring cleaning, only to find out on closer inspection it was actually a black belt covered in colonies of furry little mould monsters.

Anyway he sent some pictures soon after he went back, of the house which we stayed in for about a month during our visit 2 years ago. His place is in a nostalgic hillbilly town in Chur, parked on the eastern side of beautiful Switzerland. Almost immediately I missed that place terribly, and the super duper nice Swiss folks.

I took this photo from his window when I was there during our winter visit. It was snowing and so cold.

Andy’s recent pic of  the same window before the snow. Or was it after? Or maybe in between.

Then we decided to go up the mountains. It was so cold I forgot my name.

We took an old school locomotive rail up the mountains. Andy said there is now an express train. It shortens the 1 hour journey to 58 minutes.

Swiss technology, isn’t it amazing?

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Elephant love

I have a confession to make.

*deep breathe*

I have an uncanny love for elephants. I LOVE elephants.

There I’ve said it. I feel so relieved and released.

Every time I travel, and especially to Thailand, I must buy an elephant item. If I don’t, I wouldn’t be able to sleep and can’t board the flight until I’ve plough the streets and found a nice elephant article. That might explain why I love all things Thai so much. The Thais know their stuff.

These are a small fraction of some of the elephant memorabilias I’ve gathered over the years.

During my last trip to Bangkok last month, I tried to buy these elephants.

Unfortunately my request was firmly rejected by D-man.

I wonder why. Could be a luggage issue.

I also wonder why everyone has a special animal close to their heart, and the symbolic meaning of that animal to one.  As far as remember I loved elephants (besides the 687 other animals) but can’t really put a finger to why I simply do.

I read once that human love animals for their special traits, character and strengths. For instance if you love birds, you might wish you could soar freely into the skies like birds do.

If that’s the case, it might be in my wildest dreams that I could trample freely in the wild, always move in herds, be larger than life and yet kill no animal for food.

At least in one aspect I’m very elephant-ish. I am petrified of rats.