Bedtime Stories

Once upon a time there were 2 dogs. Their owners went to Thailand for a holiday during the festives, and bought the dogs new beds out of guilt. The dogs love their new beds.
The End.

The dogs specifically asked for beds in animal prints, because it’s so in.

It’s so cushy she gets lost inside.

“I’m not trading!”

Is there anything those genious Thais can’t make? I would love one for myself if it came in my size. I actually asked the shop owner. He was too polite to mention I might be a little too big.

Are you ready for the Big Money?

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

May the Tiger Year bring you progress in your financial journey.

Over the past several weeks, Aunty Scroogey has seen hordes of people queuing up at the Toto booth, hoping to strike the jackpot. The Aunty just hope that these winners are equipped with adequate knowledge of how to manage their ‘big money’.

Click on these links to read about lottery winners who are eventually left penniless (or almost).

Jobless man blows $390,000 in 6 months
Teen spent all of her Lotto fortune in few years
13 million windfall long gone

We’ve talked about how to handle small money – that is, money that you earn on a regular, recurring basis, which may not be large in amount (eg monthly salary). And the best way to handle this would be to apportion it in the ratios 70%, 20%, 10% ( or whatever ratios that you are currently living on, say 60%, 20%, 20% or 80%, 10%, 10%.

How then do we handle big money such as bonus, lottery winnings or a windfall gain from selling your house? Assuming no debts to settle, it would be sensible to apportion it in the reverse of your small money ratio. In Aunty Scroogey’s case (where the small money ratio is 70: 20: 10), the Aunty typically uses her annual bonus in the following way: 70% – savings/investments, 20% – payment of income tax & charity donation, 10% – for purchase of frivolous items. The key point is, make sure you have a plan of how to deal with your big money before you lay your hands on it. Without a plan, you might just lose track of the amount you spent and before you know it, there’s hardly anything left. Do remember – financial planning is not an option, it is a responsibility.

Pineapple Tarts

Hello everybody. *taps into microphone*. I am back and I have an important announcement to make.

Chinese New Year is not Chinese New Year without pineapple pastries. Warning. Never attempt Chinese New Year without pineapple pastries. Never! Never ever!!

Otherwise be prepared to face your own gastronomic perils!

And become the laughing stock of the neighbourhood!

And get outcast by relatives!!

Your great grand-children might be black-listed from Havard!!!

Ok I’m a nutcase. What I’m not kidding about though, is how simple to make and delicious these little buggers are.

Ingredients (makes 46 tarts/balls)
220g unsalted butter, softened at room temperature
2 egg yolks
375g plain flour
2 tbsp corn flour
50g icing sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 egg yolk for egg wash

About 530gm of cooked pineapple jam.
(either made from scratch or pre-made ones from the supermarket)
To make pineapple jam from scratch, peel and grate 2 ripe pineapples. Then squeeze gently to extract excess juice, but not till its as dry as the Sahara.
Add about 360gm of caster sugar and 5-6 cloves, and cook over low heat till sugar melts. The mixture should be wet and sticky, but with too much liquid. By then you should be exhausted. Put the jam in the fridge and make the tarts another day.

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There had been a slight hiccup with the website (and I have to blame it on D-man. Who else!) but Peonies is back and thank you for your patience. Especially those whom have been asking about the site and when the next update will be.

Watch this space! :)