Burger Party

Some buddies came over last night and we had a good time shoving burgers and taters down our already well-padded tummies. Beer, massive amounts of coke and some crazy DVD’s completed the totally unhealthy but cosy event.

D-man and meself made some quarter pounders from scratch. I was barking instructions, oops I meant delegating to the man, and puting him on my least favourite task, the onion duty. Because I can always count on him to come up with a good solution for all the crying.

*sorry if it was too much flesh in the picture. Can’t help it.

*sorry if it was too much body hair in the picture. Can’t help it either.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you really do not need a lot to have a good time.

No-bake Oreo Cheesecake

Another easy-peasy recipe that you do not need an oven to accomplish. Just a very sweet tooth and extreme fondness for cheese is what it takes. I made this for my gym mates. I hope they like it. But not enough to blame me for any weight gain.

Ingredients (makes a marvellous 8 inch cake)
22 Oreo cookies, finely crushed
80g melted butter (I used salted)
1 tbsp gelatin
3 tbsp hot water
2 tsp lemon juice
250g cream cheese
45g milk
50g icing sugar
1tsp rum (optional)
250g whipping cream
8 Oreo cookies, coarsely broken into chunky pieces

To finely crush the Oreo, either use a food processor, or simply put them in into a ziplock bag and beat the crap out of it with a rolling pin (with a cloth underneath the bag if you don’t want the police knocking on your door).
Mix the crushed and powdered cookie crumbs with melted butter, and press the mixture firmly into a 8 inch springfoam pan. I used a disposable aluminum pan for convenience of gift. Stash it in the freezer until it’s being called for duty.
Using a double boiler, heat and combine the gelatin with the lemon juice and hot water.

Beat the cream cheese, milk, icing sugar and rum at medium speed until well combined. Then add whipping cream and beat for about 5 minutes.

Add in gelatin mixture and stir till well combined.
Take out the Oreo crust, poke it a few times with a fork. Then pour half the cream cheese mix into the pan.

Mix the coarsely broken Oreo chips into the remaining half of the cream cheese mix, and give it 3-4 folds to incorporate the cookies. Then pour everything into the pan and turn the pan a few rounds to evenly distribute the cheese batter.
I do not like to crush the Oreo’s too finely for this because I like chunky bits in my cheesecake, but if u do not, go ahead and improvise. The finer your cookies, the more grey in colour your cake would be.
Refrigerate until set before serve (about 3-4 horrible waiting hours)

Then have a light dinner so you can eat an extra slice for dessert.

Oldies & Newbies

There are 2 types of people in the world. The ones that like old things and the others whom favour the new.  Yours truly, and I believe many more of us out there, am an oldie mouldie.

I love a lot of old things that some (even my mother) perceive as junk . The reminising nostalgia, familiarity and it’s timelessness makes me remember the glorious happy times when things were simpler and more “natural”. I love old architectural, 50′s fashion, black and white pictures, creaking furniture, classic menu’s and century old tales.

Hold your horses and don’t get things twisted here, for I approve of technology. I think technology improves our quality of life and as a matter of fact helps save lives. However in the midst of progression, we sometimes forget to embrace history and side-stepped our past.

It’s not about resisting change, but remembering our origins.

What camp are you?

The Grand Dame

Have you ever had the feeling that someone/ something is watching you? Like a pair of eyes following you around, transfixed to your every move. You know it’s there but just cannot put your finger down to what or where it is. It might even get a little creepy sometimes, a little like being stalked. I feel like that sometimes.

Because she’s watching me.

*note her victim on the floor. One of those many casualties. And counting.
Man…she really needs a haircut.

Anyway, today, this tiny stalker turns 10! That’s a grand 70 in dog years!

At that age, you’re allowed to have some blueberry cheesecake all by yourself because no one can call you fat.

While we’re happy to celebrate her birthday, I certainly hope 70 is the new 30.

PS: Baby says her birthday wish is for a very frequent and never ending supply of cookies, cakes, greenies, chicken, doggy meatloaf and carrots. Oh, and world peace. (not necessarily in that order)

Forget Me Not

My granny died in December 2007. She had dementia during her last years and nothing can describe our pain when she looked at us without knowing who we were anymore. She was still living in Malacca then and I did not get a chance to see her for the last time before she passed on.

This video reminded me very much about her. It felt like a stab to my heart.

I miss her.

Science have yet to prove anything that can prevent dementia, but some studies have indicated a lower incidence of dementia cases when an elderly group were participating in various leisure activities that involves exercising their bodies and minds. Also, a healthy diet and especially one that consists of essential Omega fatty acids seemingly improves cognitive functions in later life.

If you are guilty of not eating well and hiding from the nutrition police, it is never too late to start. All it takes is a little discipline and a lot of common sense. A general rule of thumb, anything that comes from a plant is not a plant. No, that large order of french fries does not substitute your 2 portions of vegetables. If you must eat meat, choose something that looks like its origins. That means no patties, nuggets, and all other “meat” products that has been processed to death.

No one can make you live healthily but yourself. However whatever little steps you take can benefit not just yourself but everyone who loves you.

Cheese muffins

I initially didn’t intend to post this up so I did not take many pictures, but apparently reviews are pretty good and I’ve been asked for the recipe. So cheesaholics, brace yourselves!

Ingredients (makes 12 delicious muffins)
200g self raising flour
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1.5 teaspoon baking powder
0.5 teaspoons sea salt
300g shredded cheddar cheese (or colby-jack cheese)
1 cup milk (I used fresh full cream milk, but low fat works as well)
1 large egg
1/4 cup butter (56 grams), melted

Heat up oven to 180 degrees celsius.
In a medium bowl, mix the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and shredded cheese together.
In a seperate bowl, lightly whisk egg, milk and butter together. When well mixed, pour the butter mix into the dry ingredients and fold to evenly combine everything.
If you’re not using a non-stick muffin pan, grease lightly before scooping in the muffin mixture and bake for approximately 25 minutes, or until the cheese browns on top.

These muffins are best eaten warm, so if you’re not eating them immediately (which is really tough), warm the muffin slightly before gobbling it down full speed.

Then go kick some bags to get it off your b*tt.



Ok I’m not sure if you can call this a reunion because we have not seen each other for barely a week. All I know is that I miss this funky bunch and it feels so weird having to call them “ex-colleagues” now. We had a crazy time karaoke-ing, something I have not done for about 20 years. My cheeks and jaws were sore and numb from all that laughing by the end of the night (or rather early in the morning).

The singing sensation.

The special appearance / guest star of the evening.

Never, ever, take anyone for granted. Even those whom you see almost everyday. Especially those whom you see almost everyday.

New Beginning

It had been a hectic week trying to settle down to the new workplace. The 1 hr+ journey to work mostly wears me out and I become a vegetable the minute I reach home, but I have a good job and nice colleagues to balance things up. Plus, my work environment is pretty awesome. My office has a gym and is next to the rooftop garden. I so love the greenery, the splashing water sounds from the koi pond, and the refreshing open air.

My new work place is a totally new and different adventure for me. For a start, I have 250 times more colleagues that I used to. I don’t even want to talk about the size of the company compound. Working styles and mindsets are different but not in a bad way. And I have yet to see people pulling their own hair out, and not even the others’. That’s nice I think.

The optimism in me says I hope it stays this way.