Wacky Wreckarators

I chanced upon this book while browsing Amazon and trying to find ways to part with my hard earned moolah

From the looks on the cover, I thought the book would be interesting. I was wrong.

It is side splittingly Heeeeeeelaaaaaiiiiirrious!

If you’ve had an unfortunately baking experience before and thought your cake looked like mushed up garden slugs, you’ll be shocked (and perhaps relieved?) that this book celebrates such events. Only from a slightly different and disturbing intention. To make the ugliest cake possible. Don’t believe me? Go to Cake Wrecks for a free giggle.

Some of the “artworks” include:
An eruption of emotions

It’s a moose, no its a bat, no its a……

What can be more endearing than sperm balloons..really…

A camouflage print butterfly with centre poop lining. The perfect birthday party cake for any 6 year old princess.

Can someone explain to me what this means? I’ll give the creator points for making it look surprisingly unappetizing, even for someone like me who’ll eat cake crumbs off the pavement.

What a totally cool, fun connotation to Let ‘em eat Cake!

The Financial Marathon

Do you sometimes encounter obstacles as you trod on your financial journey, even as early as the planning stage? I don’t mean physical obstacles such as cutting down on unnecessary spending, but rather the deterrents from people around you who do not see the value in what you are doing.

How often do you encounter people who reinforce their money perspectives on you, such as:

(a) money can’t buy you happiness

(b) live for the moment and enjoy, don’t regret not doing anything while you’re still alive

(c) or maybe you yourself might be thinking that “oh well…. I’m not born rich, what’s the point of financial planning when I am likely to remain poor all my life?”

While it is true that moolah can’t buy you happiness, neither does poverty. And even while planning and saving for the future, that doesn’t mean that we have to deprive ourselves totally as to what we can enjoy in the present – the key is to strike a balance (see blog entry on Relativity). As for the last point, there are many folks out there who are not born rich, but practised a lifestyle where they could be considered well off in later years. Just ask Warren Buffet, or the Secretary and the Fruits Seller if you can’t get Warren. He is a pretty busy man afterall.

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SEA Games Qualifying Series 2

7 BXG warriors gave their hearts and souls for their love of the sport, and fought fearlessly for the gym’s glory yesterday. Was so intense I thought I would get into cardiac arrest. Thank goodness there were medics on standby.

Oh they were not for me?

I don’t care what you are doing. Savour the fight clips right now!

Special thanks to D-man whom we’ve recruited for the camera services.

D-man, the brand you can always count on. :)

Joys of a new abode – part 2

Today’s the auspicious moving in date for bro’s apartment. Everything’s spanking new and shiny. Mummy woke up at 5am to prepare a great big pigging feast. A little like Chinese New Year Day minus the fuss (for us at least).

Papa making sure mummy does her job well. Not that that’s ever necessary.

I love you mummy. But you already know that.

Four generations under one (new) roof.

My sister-in-law’s granny. The generation that built Singapore. Literally. She was a Samsui woman (红头巾), and is 5 years shy to becoming a centenarian.  Don’t let her fool you though.  She doesn’t wear glasses, and can out climb us on the stairs.

The generation Singapore is counting on. Almost. At least after she stops drooling and starts saying real words.

Gotta run, a tableful of food is calling.

Greek-style pasta salad

Once upon a time I had a wonderful Swede for a boss. He is very cool. I will never forget the time when he wore a tee-shirt that says “My sausage is deadly” to the office. Bet your boss didn’t! Ha! Anyway, he married a gorgeous and kind exotica whom fed us many a great meals. She taught me this wonderful (and healthy) recipe and D-man and I have never gotten sick of it till now. I made it recently for some friends and realize that it’s a really easy and fool-proof dish to bring to a potluck.

Ingredients (serves 5-6 really big portions)
500gm Fusilli pasta
120gm Arrugula/rocket leaves
200gm cherry tomatoes*, halved
150gm Feta cheese, cubed
150gm sweet peas, cut each pea into 3 or 4
100gm pitted black olives, sliced
2 tbsp sundried tomato* paste (or more if you like)
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Cook pasta, let cool. Then mix everything together. Adjust condiments to suit taste.

Now was that easy peasy or was that easy peasy?

Let me think that over and get back to you later.

*psst:  Tomatoes are one of those “happy foods”. They also contain lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant, and we all know antioxidants make you pretty and fights cancer cells.

Princess Jennifer


She came to Jeff and Annie yesterday at 13:02. Weighing 3.4kg and measuring 51cm, Jennifer had all of us googoo-gaga-ing over her headful of fluffy baby hair, tomato face and long fingers. Both mama and baby are healthy, and according to them, the labour was smooth and quick all thanks to yoga and exercise during pregnancy.

While visiting, Jennifer’s grandparents came and saw her for the first time. The yearn and happiness in their faces is indescribable. No wonder they are called bundles of joy.


We had a closed-door-by-invitation-only-exclusive D-I-Y mooncake party. Not cause we were stingy but fact is we only had 1 mold. It’s really quite fun and surprisingly easy, probably owing to the fact we had ready-made fillings and Jonalyn was such a great help. We threw traditions aside and made some wacky stuff like rainbow snow skin (at least A-gal tried) and even a couple with B&J’s cookie dough ice cream fillings. We didn’t manage to photograph the ice cream ones though. They went straight into our mouths.

“I want some gimme some.. Gimme!!”

They were not perfect and some even had cracks in them but uniqueness is the magical product of D-I-Y. In fact I think A-gal’s really proud of her success and totally addicted. I suspect she is secretly making some more at home right now.

Ps: that’s Kahlua the silly silky by the way. Tail chaser, bed humper and toilet roll burglar.

Holidays Rock

I love Saturdays. I love weekends very much. But I love long weekends most-est! It’s a time for catching up, for parties, to eat, drink and be merry. The coaches and some gym mates organized an impromptu BBQ at the beach.  So moment of spur that we did not manage to book a BBQ pit. Not that it will deter us.  Creativity is all that one needs.

Even The Rock has his cute moments.

If young fighters can cook, so can you. Classic line from coach’s girlfriend says : “Wooaah your chili..I Thai see already also scared!”


The over enthusiastic and über friendly tag-along. Her (his?) name is ..yeah you guessed it. Goldie.

Coach doing what he does really well. Supervising.

Beach clean-up

Today is the International Coastal Cleanup day (no..I did not make this up!). Every year, hundreds and thousands of sea turtles, albatross, manatees and many other soon to be extinct marine animals are found dead after ingesting plastic bags and all sorts of man-made litter. The Coastal Cleanup is a world wide initiative in preserving the marine life through cleaner, litter-free shores.

D-man’s company was nice enough to sponsor their employees to volunteer at the cleanup in Chek Jawa, the south-east coast of Pulau Ubin. Operations had to start early in the morning before the tide comes in, and the rain made it even colder.  The volunteers were good-spirited and unfazed, and you wouldn’t believe the things that were collected. More than 1,00 kg of trash, truck tyres, shoes, mattresses, and even a refrigerator!

“Woof! I am happy! Please come do this more often & tell your friends about it!”

Bizaare Bazaar

I so love flea marts and bazaars. I would stop doing anything I was doing in a heartbeat if I know there is a bazaar happening within 2km. The stifling heat and sweaty bum to bum crowds? No matter. As long as I get to uncover treasure coves of unique and quirky fashion, handmade accessories and great bargains, happy camper I would be.

I went to one during lunch this week. The sacred lunch hour is easily one of my favourite time of the day. The only time that best combines the national sports of us Singaporean. Eating and shopping.

Sorry I was distracted. That’s my usual reaction to that lunch word. This bazaar was put together by a bunch of tertiary students. I think it’s a great programme that hones these kids with real life business skill sets. You learn to sell, others pay for your education. Definitely win-win.

Tee-shirts, a no-brainer classic.

Hand woven unique bags from a country I can’t spell nor pronounce. *sorry for the shaky picture, my hands were quivering with excitement

Girl boxers and comfy underwear, every girl’s essentials

Unless you’re the sexy wild thing I never was, then this would be your choice of modesty coverage.