Thank you

Today is a day of emotional tsunami for me. I am leaving my job and the most difficult part of it is the colleagues. I have the coolest, most funky workmates and my job was never boring because of them. I will miss all the laughter, the lunch time shopping extravaganza, the geeky jokes, the crap sharing, the nicknames, the “team building” activities (ie. beach volleyball, mountain climbing, extreme biking), the many a chocolate bars/candies we stuffed together, and most of all, the people. It had been a short but glorious journey, and we have shared everything there is on board.

Thank you guys for making my worklife complete. Thank you to all of you big bananas (the bosses) for all your guidance, support and wisdom. Thank you SG, for all your surprisingly in-tune singing and creative lyrics. Thank you TW, for the many hours on the mountains and in the wilderness. Thank you Jennifer’s papa, for your funny and ingenious expressions (ie. “Don’t worry, you are the flower, I am only the stem.”). Thank you Candy, for your cynicism and dare devil attitude which never fails to faze me (ie. asking the boss to vacuum the aircon vent above your seat). Thank you Y-ster, for making me laugh so much I keep buying eyeliner and mascara. Thank you S-bird, for being the best partners in crime when it comes to “chopping”. Thank you WY, for your infectious and high pitch giggles that can bring the dead back to life. Thank you Olsi, for always letting me poke fun of your hair/tie/shirt/shoes/belt, well basically everything. Thank you Fishegg, for you have led me to want to have a daughter as smart, sincere and beautiful as you.

I have to stop writing because my vision is becoming blurrier and my nose is smarting. But I will not say goodbye because it is not the last you will hear from me.

Thank you.

*only nicknames have been used to protect these innocent folks

A Dog’s Life

Today’s the typical busy weekend with lots of chores, grocery shopping, cooking and baking. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing all that. Especially the weekend morning fiesta at the fresh food market. But if only we have 3 days in a weekend because there can never be enough time to do everything. Anyway, as I walked in and out of the kitchen and into the living room, these 2 were lying in the warmth of the sun by the window.

I did the laundry and baked some cupcakes and emerged out of the kitchen an hour later. The earth has turned 15 degrees, the tides have changed, millions of dollars have exchanged hands, but as far as these two are concern, any kind of action is overrated. Still there in the sweet sunny spot, sound asleep and probably dreaming of huge steaks and vast green lands.

Whoever invented the term “It’s a dog’s life” when describing someone in hardship and adversity clearly have not met these dogs.

And I love them with all my might.

To give or not to give

Tonight in class, we talked about a German saying “Kleine Geschenke, erhalten die Freundschaft”, translated loosely to English as “A little gift, advances a friendship”.There was then a discussion between us on whether we agree or disagree with the proverb. Yours truly was stuck for a while, then I turned and asked the girlies. Almost all of them chimed “Ja, naturlich!”. It doesn’t require much, but even a small gesture like a bar of chocolate makes us giggle.

The guys however have a very different conception. They wouldn’t give a chipped toenail to their best buddy. Simply because.

It is a classic Men are from Mars moment. Men simply do not have the gifting DNA in them. It isn’t that they are mean. They can fight bullies together, lend their buddy their last penny, spend many a nights downing beers, even share the last toothpick in the restaurant….but when it comes to gifts, no amount of wind can sway rustle their leaves.

So boys, don’t expect any little boxes with bows from your dudes any time soon.


Insiders will know that the D-man is a martial arts junkie. He digs all sorts of martial arts and recently, he is a tad mad about BJJ. You probably already know this but for those who don’t, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is a combat sport that involves lots of grappling and ground fighting. This form of martial art enforces the principle of using leverage and techniques to force your opponent into submission, as opposed to using brute strength. Not only is it a great form of self-defense, the sport forces you to use your brain with your body, instead of letting them fight for the telly remote on the couch with a large bag of chips.

I was at the gym early to catch glimpse of the BJJ training session.

Even being a spectator was sheer fun. I was totally sucked into the action and watched my mates with wide eyes and gaping mouth.
Then again what can go wrong with grown, muscly men seizing, clinching and wrestling each other on the ground.
Right girlfriends? *wink*

Inspecting gadgets

If you’re thinking of baking but do not own an oven, there is hope! I would never have believed you can use a flat bottomed pan like a oven if I haven’t seen a live demo with my very own eyes. This pan is made with some special iron that allows the even distribution of heat, thus making it suitable for all sorts of cooking and baking.

Ok, I don’t think what I just said made any sense (am in a post dinner comatose right now) but I do know it bakes really soft, really fluffy cakes like these.

Yes I already have an oven, but baking on the gas stove saves more electricity and makes me feel a little less guilty about causing all that carbon footprint. *gulp*

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They do

Yesterday, D-man and I witness the union of 2 wonderful individuals.
She is sweet, kind, beautiful, smart and speaks 5 languages (and possibly more) fluently. No, she does not work with the CIA. But you never know. Rather you’re not suppose to know.
He is funny (think hilarious tales told with deadpan face), patient, has a world-class French accent, is smart and is a Tupperware man. How can any girl not love a Tupperware man?!?!
It was an enticingly elegant ceremony in a romantic outdoor garden setting, amidst lake, swans, and peaceful foliage. The wedding was abundant with loud laughter, fantastic food and interesting people. In other words an urban fairy tale. L.O.V.E. I.T.


Kueh DaDar

This local / Asian dessert is essentially a sweet spring roll filled with coconut. It’s so easy to make, costs less than a bag of crisp and requires very few equipment. That is a relief for bummers like me who are so terrified of washing up we’ll rather visit the dentist. Twice.
With some creativity, you could modify your own version of this crepe-like dessert with a variety of fillings ie. sugared crushed peanuts, red bean/lotus paste, vanilla custard….or stuff a Toblerone inside…or whatever tickles your fancy.

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Pandan Paws

What does this

and this

have in common?
They both smell the same. Am so not kidding. Try it.
Can some smarty pants / animal doctor / expert / psychic / dog whisperer please explain this strange but fragrant phenomenon to me? Why do doggy paws smell like pandan leaves? Why pandan leaves? Why not lavender or rosemary or mint? Why pandan? WHY!??!?

And while you’re at that, please also decipher for me why I love this lazy thing here so much.

Just hangin’ out

One of my favourite things to do, is hanging out at my girlfriends’. It is one activity that you:

1. don’t need to dress up to impress anyone
2. can forgo make-up without having the fear of giving someone a stroke
3. can having a burping competition after drinking one too many sodas (sorry AyDee but there was NO competition between us)
4. ditto for farting, and bitching about the unfairness of life.
5. are allowed to eat like a pig and squeal like one
6. can lie on the sofa with your legs propped up while enjoying a live fashion show. Or a Wii competition.
7. scavenge their fridge and finish their cookies which expired last year
8. chase their dog/cat/hamster around their sofa
9. terrorize their decent, gentle, soft-spoken flatmates
10. cook up a storm and destroying their kitchen, which they share with their terrorized flatmates (my favourite!)

Without this extraordinarily fun activity of hanging out at your girlfriend’s, and without attempting point 10 above, you will never know that:

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