One Eye Man

Before I met the legendary D-man, I hated herbal tea and anything to do with herbal anything. My impression of herbal teas and the likes was that it was always nasty, unbelievably bitter and vomit inducing.

Then D-man introduced me to the One Eye Man years ago. I was feeling unwell with a sore throat and a fever lurking behind waiting to pounce on poor old me.  No, the One Eye Man is not a doctor (even though I can’t be sure because he is ancient), nor is he a pirate or a dark wizard.

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Meet Agent Sparkly

A creature so white he radiates and shines after a good shower. I always love it when D-man showers him. It makes him smells like a custardy cupcake. Oh..maybe that’s why he hates bathing? An insult to his non-existent manliness?

Meanwhile my poor Baby girl fell into a hole while on our weekly adventure walk.  She was covered in big fat angry red ants when I rescued her and one particular nasty one was biting her on her eyelids. She also managed to chipped her toe nails and sent them bleeding.

Needless to say she needed a lot of love from her favourite female human to calm her jittery nerves.

Lessons of Life

Today I received the sweetest email about how a six-year old boy acknowledges the death of his beloved dog calmly. The boy explained to his parents that the dog lived a much shorter life than us human because they have already learnt & mastered all that life has to teach:

Live simply
Love generously
Care deeply
Speak kindly
Be loyal
When love ones come home, always run to greet them
Never pass up the opportunity for a joyride
Always do every trick you can for a treat
Run, romp & play daily
No need to bite when a growl will do
Delight in the simple joy of a walk
Never pretend to be someone you’re not
When what you want lies buried within, dig till you find it
When someone is having a bad day, stay close, be silent & nuzzle gently

The above pretty much sums up why we love our dogs, our best friends.

Have you shown someone you love him/her today? No need to wait till Christmas!


I’m feeling awful. Just plain knotting the knickers kinda awful. The flu virus had caught up with me and I can’t believe I’m not strong enough to have fought it off. Afterall I work out, eat healthy (ok I try to most of the time), and always take my supplements religiously. I’ve always pride myself as being one of the healthier ones. Who can explain to me what happen?

I hate being unwell. I mean really H-A-T-E it. I am ridden with not just the virus but with guilt sleeping at home instead of being battered at work. I would rather have my eyeballs pricked with needles than having the flu, at least I can go to work without worrying about spreading the disease. To make it worst the doctor gave me 2 days of sick leave and ordered me to rest at home until I fully recover! He might as well stab me with his digital thermometer.

Maybe it all relates to how I like regularity. Not being at work on a weekday disrupts my regular routine and makes me all itchy and uncomfortable.  Public holidays are of course a different ball game altogether. Duh!

Am going to bed now (again!) before the D-man knocks me out. *crosses fingers and hammer toes”

Have you forgotten about them?

The economy seemed to be doing better now, compared to say, 6 months ago. While economic indicators paint a less gloomy picture these days, there are many of the poor out there who are still struggling to earn a living. I came across a friend’s blog and through his thoughts, I realized how we’ve come to take certain things for granted, even a simple meal. Not a day goes by that Aunty Scroogey doesn’t hear about someone complaining about something trivial, like not being able to afford a car *rolls eyes*

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I have…

Today I was upset for a while because someone was rude to me. But I am not going to whine about it because this is not a whiney site. Whineyness and whiners are forbidden in The Peonies kingdom. So I came up with the most cunning plan to write a list of reminders that would be useful for days like that. A list that may come in handy again for an emergency pick-me-up from the blackest of all black Mondays.

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